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U S backs off statement that Egypt UAE were behind Libya air strikes

Britain claims progress in hunt for ISIS militant who beheaded American journalist

For Yazidis Betrayed by Arab Neighbors It Will Never Be the Same Yazidis who fled the violence in northern Iraq were left with a deep sense of betrayal after Arabs who they thought were friends became supporters of ISIS or even joined the militants

World powers see Assad as bulwark against Islamic State

Pakistan s prime minister meets army chief amid crisis

Great Barrier Reef Australian MP Says He Got it Wrong on Dredging Spoil Admits he was wrong to support dumping of 5m tons of sediment into the Reef s marine park Writes open letter saying he s looking at options to dump dredging spoil on land

The U N health agency says electronic cigarettes should be regulated and banned from use indoors until the exhaled vapor is proven not to harm bystanders

Nato plans east European bases to counter Russian threat

Leaders to hold Ukraine Russia talks

Nato plans east European bases to counter Russian threat

French government dissolved amid turmoil among ministers

Kiev says captured Russian soldiers were in Ukraine on special mission

Russian soldiers captured in east Ukraine crossed border by accident

Australian Greens MP crashes on the way to parliament

French Cabinet Is Dissolved A Victim of Austerity Battles The collapse of the French government on Monday exposed widening divisions both within France s leadership and Europe more broadly over austerity policies that many now fault for threatening to tip the eurozone back into recession