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Russia to help modernize N Korean railways at a cost of 25 billion dollars

Greenpeace Video Shows Endangered Species Caught by Floating Fish Traps

Pope Francis blasts life sentences as a hidden death penalty

Lebanese Health Minister Says Man Suspected of Having Ebola Quarantined in Lebanon

Ukraine Prime Minister Warns Russia May Try to Disrupt Sunday s Election

Belgacom says alleged GCHQ APT attack cost firm 12 million

Putin widespread U S interference doesn t bring peace heyday of democracy

Swedish jets scrambled over Russian spy plane Radio Sweden

Kim Jong un Gave Order to Free American North Korea Says

MI5 spied on leading British historians for decades secret files reveal

Nato jets intercept Russian spy plane over Baltic

The largest city in Brazil is running dangerously low on water

Mexican state Guerrero governor announces resignation following missing students scandal

Kenya to Denmark Keep your refugees Kenyan officials slam suggestions from the Danish People s Party and Liberal Alliance that Denmark should stop accepting refugees and instead get other countries to host them

Hong Kong protesters reach new heights with democracy banner on Lion Rock

China executes 8 muslims convicted of terrorism

2014 Arctic sea ice extent 6th lowest in millennia Despite claims of Arctic sea ice expansion 2014 saw the 6th least ice in more than 1 450 years

ISIS chlorine attack on security forces confirmed Iraq officials

Boko Haram seizes 25 girls from town in Nigeria

Human Rights Watch releases fresh report detailing the Exploitation of Female Migrant Domestic Workers in the United Arab Emirates With no labor law protections for domestic workers employers can and many do overwork underpay and abuse these women

Russian Intellectuals Ask State Run TV to Admit Falsehoods in Ukraine Reports

European Union reaches landmark climate deal agrees to cut emissions by 40 per cent by 2030

32 civilians killed over month in US led anti ISIS airstrikes in Syria monitor

Ebola Claims 300 More Lives in Five Days WHO

Archaeologists find 6 000 year old temple in Ukraine

Hungarians outraged as government proposes tax ISPs on Internet traffic Within hours of the tax provision being published over 100 000 people joined a Facebook group protesting the levy which they fear providers will pass on to them

EU leaders agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 percent by 2030 also requires climate friendly renewable energy to provide at least 27 percent of the bloc s needs and demands that energy efficiency increase by at least 27 percent in the next 16 years