Siberian emergency services remained in a state of red alert on Thursday after the water level in Lake Baikal dropped to a critical low point as the world s largest lake continues to dry up lake saw its water level drop eight centimeters below the minimum level of 456 meters

Stone age Italians defleshed their dead

Endless War As U S Strikes Tikrit Delays Afghan Pullout War on Terror Toll Tops 1 3 Million

Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to give away his entire fortune after setting money aside to pay for a 10 year old nephew s college education

India s top three mobile phone operators spend 13 6 billion in airwaves auction

Chief pagan blesses Icelandic jet

Venezuela has cut in half its subsidized shipments of crude oil to Cuba and Caribbean nations

Safety of cockpit doors on all planes questioned following Germanwings crash

Israel kills more Palestinians in 2014 than in any other year since 1967

Heroin Use Is Soaring in One of the World s Unlikeliest Places

Experts trade insults over North Korea s rare earth resources

Nigeria army destroys Boko Haram headquarters

Parents of killer co pilot only learned of their son s suicide mission just minutes before bombshell press conference

Documentary about gang rape wins Indian national film award

WikiLeaks Reveals TPP Proposal Allowing Corporations to Sue Nations

Defamation lawsuit against an influential anti Iran advocacy group is dismissed after court accepts claims that the case could jeopardize U S national security by revealing state secrets

Women of presidential guard are present at the front line in Syria

Saudi bombs Yemen rebel camps lashes out at Iran

PayPal pays 5 2 million pounds for black market nuke sales facilitation allegations

Russian Tycoon Polonsky Wants 1 Billion From 20th Century Fox for Resemblance to Villain

Syria and Iraq conflicts see asylum seekers up by 45 UNHCR

Al Shabaab extremists storm Mogadishu hotel killing 9