Latin American leaders throw love at Obama on Twitter after move on Cuba

UN asks Israel to pay Lebanon 850 M for oil spill

Mother arrested as Cairns mourns eight stabbed children

Civilian deaths in Afghanistan war reach new high in 2014 U N

Americans can soon purchase flights to Cuba directly rather than relying on expensive charters as part of President Obama s new embargo reform

China has ordered a psychiatric clinic to pay compensation to a gay man who was given electric shocks in an attempt to make him heterosexual

Sony hackers leaked more than 50 scripts from Sony movies

Turkish Police disperse teachers protest to demand respect to secular education in Ankara detain 100

Poland urges US to go further with Cuban thaw if the goal is regime change it sure doesn t seem to be working

Record number of UN member states back call for global end to executions

Deadly Farc attack before truce

U S drone strike Pakistan forces kill at least 10 Taliban fighters Around 200 Taliban fighters killed since Tuesday s attack which left 135 children dead